Missing Classmates Update

Finding Classmates:  Here is what we want you to do.  Dig out your year books and identify a couple of your old buddies who started with us, joined us or graduated with us.  Take advantage of all types of communication, snail mail, email, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, your sororities, your fraternities, your Christmas card list, and any other list you have and make it a point to find your buddies and get them to our Last Reunion as the class of 1965. Let’s combine our energies and efforts to get as many of our classmates to attend the reunion as possible so we can have the grandest reunion Hampton has ever seen.  According to Hampton’s count we are now 223 strong.  Let us all do our very best to reach out and encourage the 223 class members to return to campus for our final reunion as the Class of 1965.  You can help if you have contact information for any of the following classmates.  Please send the current name, maiden name, phone number, mailing address and email address or any information you have to Arthur Whitaker (Art) at aw62out@aol.com or to 2714 Muskogee St., Adelphi, MD 20783 for the following:  


Yvonne L. Allen

Robert O. Arunga

Lillie R. Robinson Clemons

Mary Cogswell

William A. Edwards

Joyce B. Granch

Barbara J. Johnson

Roland Lewis

Rosetta G. Lipford

John Marshall

Cheryl May

Rebecca C. McQueen

Gwendolyn R. Morris

Ora Jean Neal

Edward Pesima

Melissa Pratt

Elton Razemba

Carlton Roberts

David Brima Rodgers

Elijah Suber

Etta Turintine

Marjorie H. Hopson Vance

Oliver Williams

Barbara Lightner